American Traditions was founded in Amarillo in January 1997. It started as a small one-man-company with a homemade drafting table in the corner of the living room of a rather modest little house. All I had was the skill and confidence to do what I love to do most and what I do best: designing houses and putting in my ideas and experiences to make them homes.

I had a family that stood behind me with encouragement and the Lord watching over us. Within one month the company was able to establish a professional office by purchasing the business of a retired local designer who chose us over any other design group in town to take over his entire equipment, clientele and inventory (stock plans), remembering his own very similar first days of his career. With the help of this "boost", we managed to work our way to the top of the market in only three years despite strong competition.

Looking back on these first year of business in the fast growing city of Amarillo, we see every day, every house that carries our name as its designer as a milestone on our way up. Over the last seven years our company followed an amazing path of development - the slow sometimes inaccurate method of drawing plans on the board was quickly replaced by computer aided drafting on continuously updated state-of-the-art computers and software, allowing us not only to be faster, but also to deliver crisp, accurate plans loaded with helpful information and extended amounts of dimensioning.

Contractors are always appreciative of detail. This is why our best advertisement has always been our product and through a good and growing reputation we gained the trust and loyalty of an increasing number of satisfied customers. Last summer we improved our service even more by moving our business into a new office, which offers our builders a nice environment to bring their clients to a convenient location, in a close neighborhood to many construction related companies.

Keeping up with the fast moving technology these days we were able to update our equipment just recently by retiring the old blueprint machine and replacing it with a high speed, plotter/printer/scanner, which allows us to print faster at an exceptional quality and environmentally friendly without the fumes of the hazardous ammonia.

In our many parade showcase home, every year we prove our leadership amongst the designers of the are through creativity and originality in our plans. Since we are the only company of this kind far and wide which travels to architecturally famous places in Europe on a regular basis, our designs are influenced by unmatched Old World Style and classical elements combined with the functionality of the traditional American home.

This superb union of unique worldly ideas with exceptional technical detail sets us apart from any other company from the Texas Panhandle to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Expanding our company to the Fort Worth area earlier this spring with an office in Weatherford was only a question of time as we have conquered the home design market in West Texas. Our great team of highly qualified people sees a challenge to make a difference through every house we design, whether a 1, 500 sq. ft. family home or a $1.5 million mansion. We take great pride and pleasure in designing homes, not only houses. As an active member of the Texas Panhandle Builders Association we keep in close contact with everyone involved in the building industry and focus on its future developments.


Chris W. Daniel, President